Frequently Asked Questions

Yes the deadline for submitting a business proposal to the AEA program is May 6, 2016
 All business proposals must be submitted through the online application form at: Business proposals submitted via email to the Award Team will not be eligible for mentoring or scoring. Once you are logged in to the application and you answer all questions thoroughly, press “submit” and wait for a mentor to give you their feedback.  Please do not attach anything on email as it will not be counted as part of your business idea.
We believe that education and environment have the ability to have the strongest impact in Africa. The uncharted category is for ideas that explore the unexplored — nobody has tried it before in Africa because it is too hard or too far-fetched or just too big. Uncharted also could include ideas such as health or energy.
Mentors who are based or have experience working in your specific region will be scoring and mentoring your and your idea Regional Mentors from North Africa will not be scoring proposals from West Africa during Round 1, for example.
No there are no fees at all for the AEA
In order to best reach you as an entrepreneur, the AEA needs your information to give you individuality
We are inspiring Africans to create businesses and jobs in Africa. You can be a resident outside of Africa, but your origin has to be from Africa. For example, you can be from Cameroon but living in the USA. Your business idea has to be launched in Africa, but can be different from your citizenship. For example, you can be South African but your business idea is for Botswana.
Yes, we have taken into account the fact that you may not be able to finish the proposal in one sitting. Just hit save before logging out or closing your browser and next time you sign in, you can continue from where you last saved.
The AEA is passionate about the youth of Africa and the success they can lead in different areas of entrepreneurship around the continent. Questions like this allow us to know how you view the work and/or lives of others and how this has affected your background and motivated you as an entrepreneur.
Through the due diligence of our partners in the mentoring program, even if your business does not qualify for the grand prize, there is much to learn and acquire along the way. From the moment you sign up, mentors will reach out to you to offer advice and mentoring for your business in the most unique and personalized way possible. The farther along you come with us on this journey, the more you are able to benefit from the opportunities the Award offers.
Our system will allow those who sign up and complete the application to benefit from early mentoring and the ability (the earlier the better) to tweak their proposal and resubmit it in the same round.
Yes, your idea is safe. Our philosophy is that you, the entrepreneur, are the key to a successful business, not just your idea. We seek to start a journey with you, not take your idea. Creative ideas can be your strength, and we will respect your ideas. Our commitment is to find trustworthy partners-mentors who will mentor you to develop your business ideas. Your ideas will be kept in confidence and only shared with trustworthy partner-mentors.  Only with your permission will we feature you and your idea on our website.
It is possible for one entrepreneur to submit more than one business proposal, just as long as he/she uses a different email address each time.
The AEA will be based on a 4 (four) round system.  The final winners will be announced in December 2016. Round 1 ideas are scored on their ability to meet a need in the region. Round 2, their ability to succeed beyond the borders of their region. Round 3, their sustainable impact. And Round 4, their ability to be successful.
We will begin announcing Round 1 winners late in May, 2016.
We will begin announcing Round 2 winners late in July, 2016.
We will announce Round 3 winners in October, 2016

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