Community Based Waste Management


“Since winning the Award in 2015, I was able to purchase land in a sub-city of Jimma start site construction on 2 more satellite cities outside of Jimma. My vision is to make healthy fertilizers affordable, while dealing with waste management in my community. I want to now scale across 3 regions in Ethiopia by composting bio-degradable wastes from farmers and selling the compost back as organic fertilizers to farmers and home owners.”

GreenJimma is Tadesse’s community-based waste management company already in business in Ethiopia. The environmental project recycles bio-degradable waste into usable compost and organic fertilizers for farmers and gardeners. GreenJimma incentivizes customers to provide their bio-degradable waste materials. Tadesse’s company uses composting processes to create highly fertile compost that farmers then purchase back at a reduced rate to use in their fields. He also sells to landscaping companies and home owners needing inexpensive, organic fertilizer.


Scaling a Good Thing

Tadesse plants

Tadesse explains the waste management process with the finished product, plants! photo courtesy of AEA

Tadesse, who holds a PhD in Waste Management, states that he wants to “make the environment safe and keep the environment free of pollution.” A simple imperative with profound results.  In the year since winning the Award, Tadesse has purchased land to operate in a sub-city of Jimma, and he has started site construction on 2 more satellite cities outside of Jimma. Jimma, with a population of over 200,000, is surrounded by other small cities, most of which are agricultural. Tadesse plans to reach these populations with his products. Many farmers in the region cannot afford expensive, imported fertilizers. With Tadesse’s program, farmers can afford a great product.

A Green Waste Management Future in Ethiopia

thumb_DSC_0142_1024 2

Professor Tadesse in Jimma, Ethiopia. Photo courtesy of AEA.

With over 90million people, Ethiopia is the second most populated country in Africa. The ripple effects for the population are profound. Bio-degradable waste is reduced. Affordable fertilizers yield more produce. A country can sustainably feed their population. Tadesse Edesa has big plans for GreenJimma and he is confident that his company can have this positive effect in the lives of all Ethiopians.

Cover Photo: The GreenJimma team on-site in Jimma, Ethiopia.

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