Christophe du Pontavice


Christophe du Pontavice started his first company when he was 26 years old and is now an entrepreneur in France who has raised over 24M€ in Series A funding by always trying to learn from his mistakes.  He says, “I have made so many mistakes. Admitting them makes you more comfortable and allows to make the next business better.” Christophe’s first company went from zero and merged with its competitor. This has contributed to building a company valued at 800M€ and viewed as the leader in the Real Estate Advertising sector in France.

In 2010, Christophe co-launched EffiCity, his second business. The company was founded on the belief that selling or buying a home could be faster, easier, and more efficient. The business is based on on-line real-estate valuation, which is a starting point in selling a home. The company became the central source of real estate technology solutions for agents working under the EffiCity brand. The platform has grown to 2.000 homes being sold and around 500 agents forecasted in 2017.

Christophe explains, “I refer to myself as an Entrepreneur specializing in the web, but I also have experience as a COO managing up to 200 people in fast growing and restructuring environments. I really enjoy launching and marketing BtoC and BtoB activities.”

Christophe is a Global Mentor for the African Entrepreneurship Award. He says that “Mentoring with the African Entrepreneurship Award is very exciting for me because I love entrepreneurs and I love Africa. I have mentored entrepreneurs in France for many years. This has always been a very rich experience.