Flavien Simo Kouatcha founded Save OurAgriculture, an urban aquaponics business, to “provide food solutions to increasingly urbanized populations. He says that, “In Africa, while more
than 80% of agricultural production is still highly
rural, an increasing rural exodus causes more
than half of the population to settle in major metropolises.” Challenging food transport logistics
create waste, high costs, and an increased reliance
on imports. The answer, urban aquaponics. The entrepreneur from Cameroon uses innovative, andefficient means of food production to solve thelogistics problems created by this urbanization.

Save Our Agriculture produces high-volume fooddirectly at the point of sale using sustainable aquaponics. This means produce does not need to be transported in from rural farms, decreasing the carbon footprint of food transport logistics, as well as the percentage of food that spoils en route. And, for customers buying their own aquaponics units, Save Our Agriculture developed an app that tracks production and provides assistance, empowering more urban farmers.

Flavien’s urban farms combine fish farming andconventional agriculture. These aquaponics systems save as much as 90% of the water of traditionalfarming. And, Flavien says that his company “increases overall crop yields by more than 70%.” The consumer also benefits. Local, fresh food iseasily accessible and more affordable as transport costs are completely eliminated.

In Flavien, the Presidential Jury saw an UnchartedWinner. They said, “This entrepreneur is a true pioneer in the agricultural world of his country. He is resolutely committed to providing solutions to food supply in the urban environment. He provides a solution to the availability and proximity of fresh and organic products to the hearts of major cities.”

With $100,000 from the African Entrepreneurship Award, the entrepreneur from Cameroon hopes toscale his sales of fresh aquaponics fish and produce.And, in the future build and sell more urban farm units.

Success requires passion and resilience.This helps to find theright stakehold”ers to empower you.

Flavien Simo Kouatcha