Meryam El Ouafi’s profound mandate is to “solve the problem of water shortage that affects the whole region of Africa, especially the agriculture sector.” The entrepreneur and engineer from Morocco founded Green Engineering Mission to import and implement Moistube Irrigation technology. Moistube irrigation saves 50 to 80% of the water required of traditional irrigation systems. The impact of this technology in Morocco and all over Africa has enormous benefits, especially in lands suffering from drought.

Moistube Irrigation consists of tubing, buried in the ground and punctured with thousands of nano meter holes. Timed and specific release of water through the tubing into the soil ensures that very little water is wasted and plants are only watered when thirsty.

This basic technology has the potential to bring complete innovation to the agriculture sector in Morocco. And, Meryam says that “the Moistube factory in Morocco will have laboratory testing, manufacturing machines, quality control areas, and warehouse storage and delivery.”

When selecting Meryam as a $50,000 African Entrepreneurship Award Innovation prize Winner, the Presidential Jury said Meryam “understands the challenges that many farmers are facing in the region. She’s going to bring in a new technology, called Moistube Irrigation, which has been tested in Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. This technology will save 50 to 80% of the water used for irrigation. It will increase production by 20 to 30%.”

Meryam is optimistic that the implementation of Moistube technology “will impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people living in Africa.”