Geoffrey Ssekatawa founded Brent Technologies to stop the harmful dumping and burning of used motor oils, and instead creates recycled oil products for sale in Uganda. Geoffrey says, “we recycle waste motor oil, which would end up in landfills, water sources, or burnt into the atmosphere.” And, besides helping the environment, Brent Technologies meets a big need for affordable oils.

In Uganda, imported lubricating engine oils are expensive. And, when their effectiveness is depleted, they are dumped. Just one liter of oil can contaminate up to a million liters of water. And when dumped on soil, Geoffrey says it “leads to a loss of up to 90% in agricultural yields.”

Geoffrey is on his way to well-oiled solutions. The entrepreneur developed in house Surfactant Technology as well as a yet to be patented technology f

or recycling used motor oil. This technology meets an urgent need in Uganda, where Geoffrey says, “We have only two recycling facilities and their turnover is very low.”

For his efforts, the Presidential Jury award a $50,000 Innovation prize to the entrepreneur. They stated, “This entrepreneur demonstrated a passion for transformation of used products into new products. He invented a technology that transforms used motor oil into reusable oils, thus also reducing pollution by way of used oil spillage into landfills.”

Winning the $50,000 prize, Geoffrey says, will increase his “ability to scale up the amount of waste oil extracted from society thereby increasing our impact in the community.” In the near future, he hopes to take Brent Technologies up to 50,000-100,00 liters a day of production.