Improved Access, Improved Literacy

Ama Dadson, Ghana, is an inspired entrepreneur with an innovative idea to digitize African literature for increased access and literacy. The founder of AkooBooks Audio was first inspired by her mother. An author and avid reader, Ama’s mother began to lose her vision, and unfortunately her ability to read. As ninety percent of African literature can only be founded in printed form, soon, AkooBooks Audio was born.



AkooBooks Audio publishes and distributes digital African literature. The objective is reach. Ama says, “we provide African publishers and writers with the platform to transform their books and reach as many people as possible.” In an age where traditional booksellers continue to vanish, Ama knows that literature must take new forms.

 At AkooBooks Audio, Ama offers recording and production, marketing and distribution, licensing, and other services for African authors, poets, and musicians in Ghana.  Ama explains how African writers and publishers “face challenges of abysmal levels of literacy, poor distribution and sales channels and limited knowledge of publishing opportunities.” Instead of continuing down this path Ama beams with optimism: “Imagine fantastic storytelling read and interpreted by professional African actors.” The company is already producing this content. Authors come to the AkooBooks ltd where professional actors read their books, sometimes accompanied by traditional West African flutes and other instruments. The result: beautiful literature, narrated and digitized for sale and download. The company earns revenue on downloads, with royalties back to authors.

Like many entrepreneurs in Africa, Ama sees an opportunity to leverage existing technology to hurdle access barriers for countless thousands in Africa. And, with a taste for culture, AkooBooks Audio does it all with an African touch.