Sylvester Mujakperuo’s paper recycling company, Saint Michelles and Joey Ltd., centers around four key areas: protecting the environment, innovation, quality, and drive. Sylvester says his company has already “helpedreduce the over-reliance on virgin pulp from trees, has helped reduce the amount of used paper in landfills,”and “has encouraged the use of recycled items across Nigeria.”

Saint Michelles and Joey Limited manufactures jumbo rolls of recycled paper, which he then sells to toiletpaper and napkin companies in Nigeria. For Sylvester,the market opportunities are nearly limitless. Recent government bans on certain paper imports help. The current demand for paper stands at 950 million tons per year, with only 150 million tons of that demand met by Nigerian companies.

When introducing Sylvester, the Presidential Jury said, “This very successful entrepreneur in a superb economy recycles paper to produce toilet rolls and other paper

materials. His company fights deforestation in Africa.The demand is astounding to the point that today he is unable to meet this demand.”

With the largest population in all of Africa, Nigerians produce enormous amounts of recyclable paper waste, and, they require enormous amounts to meet their paper needs. Sylvester’s startup capitalizes on this. Instead of letting paper rot and cutting new trees, Sylvester buys recycled paper from numerous paper collectors across Nigeria and produces recycled toilet paper rolls for Nigeria’s bursting population.

The company has already created direct employment for several individuals. With the injection of $100,000 in Award funding, Sylvester hopes to dramatically increase his capacities by adding machines for processing and pulping recycled paper. And, he will soon employ hundreds for collection, processing, and marketing.

Sylvester’s team in Nigeria prepping recycled paper rolls for the market.
Sylvester’s team in Nigeria prepping recycled paper rolls for the market.