Adan Mohammed and his company Ecodudureplace fish with dried black soldier fly larvae toproduce high protein animal feed. The processeradicates biomass and prevent over-fishingin Kenya. The result is affordable, sustainablyproduced fly larvae, a decreased amount of organic waste, and affordable, protein-rich animal feeds andfertilizers. Adan’s company produces two products.Dudumeal, an insect-protein based animal feed.And, with the remaining biomass, Dudusoil, a 100% organic fertilizer and soil conditioner.

Ecodudu prevents the dumping of biomass intolandfills and incentivizes more efficient collection. Adan says, “we recycle biomass before it finds its way to landfills, thus helping to reduce methane emissions.” And, in Kenya, fish are a major source of animal feed, leading to drastic over-fishing onKenya’s lakes. Ecodudu provides a more sustainable solution for both problems.

The Presidential Jury said, “This entrepreneur demonstrated his wisdom to provide solutions that provide high quality protein for animal feeds, provides 100% organic fertilizers, and, to protectthe environment by reducing landfill dumping. Thisentrepreneur partners with institutions to provide a stable and visible impact. Although using blacksoldier flies is not new, this entrepreneur’s approachto adapt this solution in Kenya, impressed me.”

Ecodudu collects biomass from universities into sealed greenhouse containers where the blacksoldier flies feast. The ensuing larvae are ground up into protein-rich animal feeds for Kenya’sbooming poultry sector. Besides the environmentalbenefits of Dudumeal, Adan’s company delivers afar superior and inexpensive feed alternative. The average protein content in expensive, important feeds is about 25%. Dudumeal’s protein content averages about 60% at a more affordable rate.

With $100,000 from the African Entrepreneurship Award, hopes to scale his collection of biomass and increase his larvae production, all while employing more people along the value chain.