Positive impact touches the gaming industry in Africa.

Let us tell you how.

Africa’s Legends, the flagship game of Leti Arts, launched in 2013. “We celebrate our continent’s vast histories, folklores and cultures.” Explains Leti Arts Founder, Eryam Tawia from Ghana. To share our continent’s histories and folklores, Eyram’s staff spends weeks researching and developing characters.

In 2015, his mentors with the African Entrepreneurship Award saw his personal potential. Eyram used his $25,000 “Most Heart” award funding to hire researchers and developers.

Today, those developers have created 12 characters from all over Africa– some good, some evil, and some neutral. “We have 10 countries represented in the form of characters, from Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, CAR, South Sudan, Niger, DRC, and Somalia,”  explains Eryam.

When Eyram applied to the African Entrepreneurship Award in 2015, downloads of Africa’s Legends sat at about 40,000. Since winning the Award, that number has grown to 70,000.

Dominating an Industry by Sharing African Legends

The worldwide gaming industry will soon eclipse the $100billion mark.  The lion’s share of gamers, developers, and profits, remain in the US, Europe, and Asia. But, this is a narrative of the past. Motivated and equipped young developers and entrepreneurs like Eyram author the re-write in Africa.

Drawing from rich African culture and folklore, Leti Arts’ games bring profit and a kick-start to an industry long in the shadows. The vision cast by Leti Arts creates far-reaching impact. And, along the way, an entire ecosystem is cropping up around him.


Leading a New Gaming Ecosystem

An ecosystem is a group of living things, interacting together. Translated to the gaming industry, this means that developers, employees, and users are inspired by a similar environment. In the environment of Leti Arts, Eyram inspires many.

Eyram beams when discussing his employees and customers and the impact of Leti Arts. Some he says have gone on to “start industries in the gaming field as well…Now, if I need animation, I can call a person who was my customer, who now has a company that produces content for our company. So, we are enabling other industries and creating an ecosystem.”


Members of the Leti Arts team in Accra
Members of the Leti Arts team in Accra

Sharing the Billion Dollar Pie

Eyram has every intention of generating his African share of the multi-billion dollar, worldwide gaming industry. Eyram aspires for authentic, with a cause, something that a gaming platform can bring to the masses in Africa. The 2015 winner of the African Entrepreneurship Award is taking the industry by the controllers and bringing a piece of it home to Africa.

And so, the future looks bright. Eyram and his team plan to keep inspiring and impacting others.  Abena says it best. With Leti Arts “People get to have a positive image of who we are as Africans. It’s not all war torn, but a place of rich culture.”  This is a legendary message, delivered by the heroes at Leti Arts.