Anna Getaneh

anna getaneh

Anna Getaneh is formally an internationally acclaimed model, and now a humanitarian and social entrepreneur. As founder of African Mosaique, her company’s goal is to develop the African fashion industry and designers. She manufactures within Africa to provide jobs, sustain traditions and ultimately build a Luxury African Brand. As the founder of African Mosaique, she is creating opportunities in the clothing design and manufacturing domains in her native Ethiopia. At 45, Anna’s passion is children and education. As the founder of the Ethiopian Children’s Fund, ECF, a social enterprise in Ethiopia, she developed a school, a health clinic, a feeding center, a vocational center and environmental programs for 600 poor, vulnerable children, mostly orphans. After founding a business in South Africa, Anna worked throughout Africa to connect designers and find innovative solutions for ECF. Today, she lives in Ethiopia and is the inspiration to many as she grows the manufacturing business to employ both designers and clothiers in the manufacturing sector in Ethiopia, all the while meeting the social needs of vulnerable children.