Ahmed Bolica

Ahmed Bolica

Ahmed Bolica is the founder and CEO of Pimula Agency. Pimula is a growing agency in the Middle-East. It has established its own project in Egypt; a project that serves several clients with various needs all over the world. Pimula aims at providing enhancement services that address a variety of business needs. It is a remarkable agency whose name will be a buzz-word in the world of business one day.

Despite being a graduate in Faculty of Commerce whose major is Accounting, he did not find much interest in office work in companies. Being a self-taught artist and entrepreneur, Ahmed began with a career in Web Design. He worked as a Senior UI Developer / UX Designer for four years.

During that time, Ahmed successfully developed his own startup; Bolica Web Design.
Ahmed‚Äôs business background helps him understand both the end-users’ and the market’s needs. Thus, he has been mainly concerned with supporting startups and entrepreneurs providing them with a variety of services and mentorships like in Startup Weekend Egypt and Startup MENA.

Moreover, Bolica has made the best use of his creativity and experience in the career of web design since he believes that the design itself is not a goal but a means for building effective long-lasting brands, converting leads.

Ahmed always keeps himself updated with the latest technologies and finds great joy in sharing his
knowledge with others via his blog. He also co-founded Alexandria Web Designer community, which aims at providing significant help to young talented designers. Besides, Ahmed contributes considerably to the web design community by giving lectures and workshops to beginners in the web design career.