Results of the First Edition

10 Winners share the $1M award

Entrepreneurs from every country in Africa submitted business ideas to the 2015 premier edition of the African Entrepreneurship Award. Entrepreneurs were dispersed all over the continent, from Ras ben Sakka to Cape Agulhas, from Mauritania to Madagascar, and everywhere in-between. Many in the diaspora also submitted ideas for businesses in Africa.

In 2015, the Presidential Jury chose 10 winners from all over Africa to share in the $1million dollar prize. Money to launch and scale meaningful businesses in Africa. Were you part of the journey? See how your country compares with other African countries and let their journey inspire you.

Businesses per Category

Below you can see more about how many proposals were submitted for each category. Entrepreneurs were permitted to select 1 to 2 categories that describe(s) each business proposal’s impact. Africa has some of the fastest growing economies in the world – How important do you think these categories or fields are to the continent’s growth? Tell us on Twitter and be part of the conversation.

environment submitted proposal icon education submitted proposal iconuncharted submitted proposal icon

Gender Distribution

1 of every four African Entrepreneurship Award entrepreneurs was a woman. According to the World Bank, women represent a powerful source of economic growth and opportunity – men too, of course. Looking at the representation of women versus men, do you think this paints an accurate picture of entrepreneurship and business creation in Africa today? Write to us or like us on facebook to become part of the conversation.

Gender Distribution AEA