Finalists Announced!

Does your idea have plausible and probable impact for Africa? Get ready to pitch your idea to a Jury!

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Boot Camp and the Presidential Jury

Finalists finish their Journey in Morocco. 41 entrepreneurs from 19 countries will spend three days perfecting their pitch and fine-tuning their financials with a team of expert Boot Camp coaches. Then, entrepreneurs pitch before the Presidential Jury for their chance to win part of $1million. Stay tuned as the Journey continues…

 Presidential Jury and Coaches

How to Win Investors

Investors look for two things when investing in your African ideas, prototype and startup businesses.

Angels are individuals, usually high net worth, who invest in your business after your personal savings, family and friend money is gone. Angels usually are also advisors to help you operate the company – or at least give lots of hands-on advice – in exchange for a piece of ownership. Usual amounts are USD$5K-50K with 10-50% ownership in exchange.

You win Angels by honestly telling them what you and your team have done before. What have you tried so far or before this idea? What did you learn? Always be able to tell your story of initiative and success and failure. That shows Angels that you are not just a dreamer, but can make something happen, so they have greater confidence to invest and manage your entrepreneurship dream with you.

VC’s start with Series A funding after angel money is spent. It is called “A” because after you grow, you may go back to ask for Series B, which usually is larger and for going public with shares, VC’s raise capital from lots of others and are expecting you to grow. They expect about 20% return on their cash investment with you and/or to cash out when you sell the business. Usual amounts of investment are $1M+ in entrepreneurship.

You win VC’s by showing them how your business will grow with assumptions you have tested. Dreams don’t convince them. Big, inflated numbers in the billions about the size of the market don’t impress them. Instead, showing that you can have customers who will buy at a price with a good margin, stay ahead of competition with your products/services, and proof that people will buy in the future. That will give them confidence in you.