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The Award seeks entrepreneurs that create jobs and improve lives across Africa in two business categories, Innovation and Sports Categories. Innovation in businesses means introducing a new technology, new business model or attempting to solve a problem that’s never been solved before. Sports Businesses means Businesses in sports apparel, equipment, footwear, clubs, fitness, health, training, events, new technology, media sports agencies, talent management, sports nutrition, hydration, sports leisure and sports tourism are all eligible to submit their business ideas for mentoring.

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Impact Stories

Read how these entrepreneurs are growing businesses and our economies across Africa.

Awa Caba, Senegal

With Sooretul, “It’s not so far” with a click of a button

2018 Winner of a $100,000 Innovation Award
Hend Riad, Egypt
Reform Studio

High Fashion and a Higher Purpose in Cairo

2018 Winner of a $100,000 Innovation Award
Jon Kornik, South Africa

Plentify Adds Intelligence to the Water Heater, Saving 30-50% of Costs

2018 Winner of a $150,000 Innovation Award
Kevin Sesse, Côte d'Ivoire
Mon Artisan

Skilled worker access to markets increases employment opportunities

2018 Winner of a $50,000 Innovation Award
Lincoln Peedah, Ghana
Neat Eco Feeds

Protein-packed animal feeds and agricultural materials decrease costs

2018 Winner of a $100,000 Innovation Award
Ronald Hakiza, Uganda

Bringing Bus Ticketing Into the 21 st  Century

2018 Winner of a $100,000 Innovation Award
Aderoju Ope-Ajayi, Nigeria
Dolphin Aquatic Center

Swimming to Safety and Success

2018 Winner of a $75,000 Sports Business Award
Ibrahim Musisi, Uganda
Sukuma Dance Fitness

Dancing All the Way to Success and Health

2018 Winner of $75,000 Sports Business Award
Nangado Kauluma, Namibia
PerfectFit, Pulse Studios

Pulse PerfectFit Reaches African Women with Physical and Virtual Fitness

2018 Winner of a $150,000 Sports Business Award
Ama Dadson, Ghana
AkooBooks Audio

Improved Access, Improved Literacy

2018 Winner of a $25,000 High Potential Award
Anass El Hilal, Morocco

Four Wheels for Access in Medical Deserts

2018 Winner of a $25,000 High Potential Award
Christian Songwa, DRC
Ndunda Aquaponics

Urban Aquaponics in Kinshasa Bring Consistent Protein and Delicious Produce

2018 Winner of a $25,000 High Potential Award
Divin Arnaud Kouebatouka, Republic of the Congo,
Green Tech Africa

Clean Solutions Bring Clear Waterways

2018 Winner of a $25,000 High Potential Award
Kwame Ababio, Ghana
Green Afro Palms

Inventing efficient palm oil cultivation methods for farmers

2017 Winner of a $100,000 Environment Award
Folashade Amusa, Nigeria (represented by Victor Amusa)
VicFold Recyclers

Innovative process to collect and pelletize plastic products

2017 Winner of a $100,000 Environment Award
Allen Kimambo, Tanzania
Zaidi General Enterprises

Recycling paper to create jobs and save trees

2017 Winner of a $100,000 Environment Award
Flavien Simo Kouatcha, Cameroon
Save Our Agriculture

Urban aquaponics system feeds cities and eliminates food transport

2017 Winner of a $100,000 Uncharted Award
Adan Mohammed, Kenya

Creating animal feed while eradicating bio-mass and over-fishing

2017 Winner of a $100,000 Environment Award
Louise Williamson, South Africa
Sustainability Professionals

Safe and efficient cook stoves for schools

2017 Winner of a $100,000 Environment Award
Sylvester Mujakperuo, Nigeria
Saint Michelles and Joey Ltd.

Creating new paper products and reducing impact on landfills

2017 Winner of a $100,000 Education Award
Paul Bartels, South Africa

Community firefighting carts to save rural farms and peri-urban homes

2017 Winner of a $100,000 Uncharted Award
Meryam El Ouafi, Morocco
Green Engineering Mission

Technology innovation eliminates water waste

2017 Winner of a $50,000 Innovation Award
Geoffrey Ssekatawa, Uganda
Brent Technologies

Recycling motor oil as an alternative to expensive oil using technology

2017 Winner of a $50,000 Innovation Award
Christelle Kwizera, Rwanda
VOMA Groundwater Solar Kiosks

Water and income for rural communities

2017 Winner of a $50,000 Innovation Award
Badr Idrissi, Morocco
Atlan Space®

Artificial intelligence in drones protects marine ecosystems

2017 Winner of a $50,000 Innovation Award
Mahmud Johnson, Liberia
J-Palm Liberia

Harvesting the potential in the palms to transform returns for smallholder farmers

2016 Award Winner of $150,000
Jennifer Shigoli, Tanzania
Elea Reusable Sanitary Pads

Keeping girls in schools by providing affordable sanitary pads

2016 Award Winner of $150,000
Abdeladim Moumen, Morocco

Diagnosing cancer and HepC through bio molecular technology at rural clinics

2016 Award Winner of $150,00
Joyce Kyalema, Uganda

Creating products for the local and international market through a no-waste pumpkin process

2016 Award Winner of $100,000
Abideen Adelu, Nigeria

Accessing adaptive & individualized education content as an alternative to expensive private tutoring.

2016 Award Winner of $100,000
Neil du Preez, South Africa (Represented by Ernest Aylward)

Providing electric mini-cabs as a low cost, eco-friendly transportation option

2016 Award Winner of $100,000
Frederico Peres da Silva, Mozambique

Connecting blue-collar, informal workers to their customers through an accessible, adaptive technology

2016 Award Winner of $50,000
Achiri Nji, Cameroon

Tracking a bus user’s journey and contacting emergency teams in case of accidents

2016 Award Winner $50,000
Murtala Sanni, Nigeria

Connecting skilled workers with businesses on an accessible online platform

2016 Award Winner $50,000
Omar Kadiri, Morocco

Free calling credit in exchange for targeted advertising

2016 Award Winner $50,000
Tadele Tolosa, Ethiopia (Represented by Benti Deresa)
Veterinary Ambulatory Clinical Services

Bringing veterinary services to farmers in remote areas

2016 Award Winner $50,000
Elia Timotheo, Tanzania
East Africa Fruits Farm

Preventing produce loss for smallholder farmers

2015 Award Winner of $150,000
Tonee Ndungu, Kenya

Renting E-books at a fraction of the cost for school children

2015 Award Winner of $150,000
William Mapham, South Africa
Vula Mobile

Diagnosing patients in remote areas for quicker referrals

2015 Award Winner of $150,000
Tadesse Edesa, Ethiopia

Recycling waste into compost and fertilizers at a community-wide level

2015 Award Winner of $150,000
Johann Kok, South Africa

Building AI to teach electronic engineering to workers and next generation engineers

2015 Award Winner of $150,000
Adama Kane, Senegal

Collecting, sharing, and cross-financing medicines to bring down the cost

2015 Award Winner of $150,000
Eyram Tawia, Ghana
Leti Arts

Expanding the animation industry across Africa for expanded employment

2015 Award Winner of $25,000
Olive Akware, Uganda

Producing housing bricks and sustainable fish farms which provide employment opportunities for dozens of single mothers

2015 Award Winner of $25,000
Khadija Hamouchi, Morocco

Providing relevant and impactful professional training to Arabic educators

2015 Award Winner of $25,000
Habtamu Abafoge, Ethiopia
Simbona Africa Healthcare

Reducing infant mortality with an affordable invention

2015 Award Winner of $25,000