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African Mentors are actively mentoring proposals from all 54 African countries and decide the businesses most needed in each region by June 10.

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Get Involved as a Mentor

Are you an entrepreneur with successful and failed ventures? A venture capitalist looking to help the next wave of businesses? An angel investor who has learned how to invest in small businesses throughout Africa? We invite you to dialogue with us about volunteering as an online mentor? The expectation is simple: share your wisdom online, privately to those you hope to inspire. The rewards are priceless: helping other Africans to create jobs and improve lives across Africa.

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What Entrepreneurs are Saying

“I know regardless of outcome, I have a ready to fund business plan and the mentorship received here was part of that thought execution.”Entrepreneur from Botswana
“Thanks to your feedback, I will improve on my project and look for investors. At least now I now it is possible to do this.”Entrepreneur from Niger
“I really appreciate the feedback from my mentor and am glad to be a part of this process. It has helped me think about new issues that I had never considered before.”Entrepreneur from Sudan
“Ever since I started my journey with this project, I haven’t stopped learning from the mentors… Even when one mentor believes the proposition is good, there will always be another adding a feedback or an idea never thought of before.”Entrepreneur from Ivory Coast

Entrepreneurs Mentoring Entrepreneurs

The Mentoring Journey

Mentoring begins as soon as our 180 regional mentors get to your idea but will be complete by beginning of June. Mentors may suggest you explain more or add to your idea to make it more attractive to investors. You will be notified by June 10 if your idea is One of the Most Needed in Your Region and you continue to Round 2 for more mentoring to improve your Pan-African expansion opportunities.

The Journey 2017

Mentoring Makes the Difference

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