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Mentors Explain Innovation

“African entrepreneurs demonstrate the leap frog ability more than entrepreneurs in the US and Europe because the field is wide open. The infrastructure is challenged, so skipping the need for a thousand telephone poles and going straight to digital chips happens – so innovation happens!”
– African University Professor

“I see innovation in packaging like the dissolvable water goblets or products like solar ovens or information like e-books. The mindset for imagining the future and the mindset of courage to create solutions that don’t yet exist is what’s rare here in Africa.”
– American University Professor

Mentors Explain Sports

“The rising middle class is growing and demanding more personal fitness and leisure products. These will gain an increasing amount of mind share and consumer wallet share. I see old economy businesses related to fitness and healthy food gaining in popularity as a focus on lifestyle becomes more paramount.”
– African Angel Investor

I like to invest in sports businesses. If you start a sports venture, there is more passion than any other industries. Sports lifts people up, empowers them. We have invested in many sports tech companies that are low-tech but utilize new materials. Sports inspire younger kids.
– Silicon Valley Investor