4th Edition Boot Camp Coach

Sam Rosenfeld’s first career as a British infantry officer gave him a very focused and unique approach to his second act: building profitable businesses with an emphasis on social impact.

Sam has created and led companies in a variety of sectors. Most recently he and his partners completed the sale of Gabriel Partners/AML RightSource, an anti-money laundering outsourcing company to Clarion Capital Partners.

Sam’s latest venture builds on his financial industries expertise. Verdigris is a start-up US-based bank focusing on building a bridge for companies, individuals and international banks that lack equal and affordable access to banking in the US and internationally. In serving those groups Verdigris aims to radically expand the international transfer of money for low income populations while expanding economic opportunity for all.

In addition, Sam works across Africa as Chairman and founder of The Densus Group which provides risk management and security sector reform services to governments, corporations and NGOs. In this role, Sam has personal experience working in over 20 African countries.

As a committed entrepreneur and graduate of the Wharton School, Sam is passionate about helping the next generation of business builders create value and grow their economies by launching and scaling businesses, creating jobs and “making the world a better place while having fun.”