Folashade Amusa (represented in Casablanca by co-founder Victor Amusa) co-founded VicFoldRecyclers to clean the environment while “meeting the global demand for polythene, plastics and cans.” The entrepreneur from Abuja, Nigeria, collects recyclable plastics and converts them intopellets and other post-consumer products. In themeantime, households earn redeemable points for their recycled items, increasing their buying power and incentivizing them to keep their environmentclean. VicFold Recyclers implement convenient collection services and an e-Recycle App to recordand reward platform users.

About VicFold co-founder Victor Amusa, thePresidential Jury said, “This tenacious entrepreneur developed a model to collect discarded plastic bygoing to door to door and by building drop-offcenters. He leveraged years of experience in plasticconversion to build an efficient technology.

In Nigeria, Folashade says that nearly 20% ofgarbage includes plastics. The capital state alonegenerates 1,000 tons, daily. Folashade says that thisgarbage contributes to disease, blocked drainage,and pollution. VicFold Recyclers tackles these problems on multiple levels. Folashade says, the VicFold “waste initiative provides a sustainablesolution to the problem of sanitation and pollution related diseases, improper waste disposal methods,prevalent unemployment and socio-economicchallenges amongst women and youths.”

With $100,000 from the African EntrepreneurshipAward, Folashade and her co-founder and husbandVictor can scale up more quickly and create moreemployment and increased impact. VicFold willsoon increase from seven to 50 direct employees, and indirectly another 500, all across the valuechain. Before winning the Award, VicFold wasalready close to maximum capacity, and, they haveonly just begun to penetrate the multi-million-dollar industry in Nigeria.